Thursday 6 February 2014

Bioinformatics and computational biology: 500 years of exciting problems?

I gave a talk at Warwick University, Department of Computer Science in January 2014. A look at the intertwining of computer science and biology from the days of Turing through the present and on to the future, including some of my research along the way. 
In a 1993 interview, Donald Knuth worried that computer science in the future will be "pretty much working on refinements of well-explored things", whereas "Biology easily has 500 years of exciting problems to work on". I'll describe some of the bioinformatics and computational biology that I've been working on. My talk included a little about where the field has come from, where it's going in the future, and whether it should be considered a branch of computer science at all.
The slides are online at Figshare.

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